Coral Bliss Taylor

Candidate for Calgary City Council, Ward 1

“I'm a strong believer in entrepreneurship and local economic development”




The council votes on issues constantly and councillors that maintain a close ear to the ground will be best positioned to best represent their Ward.

A supportive municipal government is integral to maintaining the pace of entrepreneurial and new industry growth in Calgary.

Each Ward deserves a thoughtful and collegial representative as they bring their unique perspectives forth on issues affecting Calgary as a whole.

Public Engagement

The council votes on issues constantly and councillors that maintain a close ear to the ground will be best positioned to best represent their Ward.

Economic Diversification

A supportive municipal government is integral to maintaining the pace of entrepreneurial and new industry growth in Calgary.


Each Ward deserves a thoughtful and collegial representative as they bring their unique perspectives forth on issues affecting Calgary as a whole.

Public Engagement

I see the councillorship as a direct conduit from the public to the city operations. The upcoming election is the foundation of this engagement but I believe the public deserves to be engaged on a regular basis. The council votes on issues constantly and councillors that maintain a close ear to the ground will be best positioned to best represent their Ward. I’ll use methods like regularly engaging community centres and organizations or improving public access to the council Integrity Commission. I will bring the issues that matter to you, to City Hall. I will be “walking this talk” during both the campaign, and throughout my tenure as councillor.

Economic Diversification

I believe that economic diversification is the key to our future here in Calgary, and that starts at the ground level. More independent businesses are being started by our neighbours than ever before and North America is progressively looking to Calgary as an environment to invest. We see unprecedented local growth in areas like Tech and Manufacturing. A supportive municipal government is integral to maintaining this pace. As Councillor, I'll ensure the City of Calgary supports the local economy with local sourcing, something it does not currently prioritize.


I see team work amongst colleagues in City Council as the most important element in the success of their initiatives. The decisions and programs councillors spend their time on have lasting impacts on the day to day lives of Calgarians. From cumbersome secondary suite controls to seniors centres, or from expensive olympic bids to strained police budgets, efficiencies begin within our council chambers. Each Ward deserves a thoughtful and collegial representative as they bring their unique perspectives forth on issues affecting Calgary as a whole. When Calgary is run by a team, it can more quickly and effectively address issues. This starts with creating a positive environment for Ward 1 communities, and making sure your needs are addressed.

Coral doesn't hesitate to get things done. I brought her onto my team for her energy, and because she knows cities, and tech, well enough to envision and create a bright future for cities, especially Calgary. I am happy to endorse her for Ward 1 Councilor.

Dr. Steve Liang
CEO, SensorUp Inc.
Associate Professor, University of Calgary

Coral is a good person and hard worker, who is dedicated to doing the best for her community. She cares deeply about Calgarians, the City, and fair and just representation. I am happy to endorse her for Ward 1 Councilor.

Ryan McDonald
Business leader and startup entrepreneur
President, Uncommon Innovation

Responses to Commonly Raised Issues

Public Transit

I have learned in planning and in life to be a big fan and advocate of public transit. In fact, my professional experience includes work on the West LRT. Public investment in transit results in significant ROI in terms of private investment in development along routes. Transit is a more scalable transportation technology than private vehicles, and is a very important element of reducing traffic congestion. Transit is also available to more people than private vehicles, which can be out of reach for those who are too young or old to drive, or who have restricted budgets, or whose abilities do not allow them to drive.

You can be assured that I will be a firm supporter of public transit in Calgary.

Climate Change

We must meet the commitments necessary to keep global warming to an absolute minimum. Calgary has already made some commitments via the Calgary Community GHG Reduction Plan.

Also, at this point, we must make sure we're resilient to the effects of climate change that we're already experiencing.

I have the experience and knowledge to address this issue: I was educated by some of the best in energy studies and sustainability. I have worked in sustainable community planning, including all elements of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social. Some examples from each of these include completing a comprehensive community energy study (environmental), working as a business development professional, and starting my own business (economic), and my work and master's degree focused on conducting meaningful public consultation (social).


Homelessness has been ended entirely, in other cities. They used a housing-first approach, which has been shown to be more effective at ending homelessness than shelter-based solutions. It has also been shown to cost far less than allowing homelessness to continue. Calgary has the capability to end homelessness, so we must. This is as fiscally sensible a priority as paying down debt, as it reduces costs. Add to that the humanitarian impetus, and there is no reason not to aggressively strive for an end to homelessness.

Secondary Suites

There are simple planning approaches and technological tools that can tell us where secondary suites are appropriate and popular. I have a node-based plan to start in those areas, and expand as appropriate.

Making secondary suites illegal puts both landlords and tenants at risk. It is well known that there are many secondary suites, and, as they are illegal, there are no codes or controls to ensure safe living conditions.

Further, requiring individual approval for secondary suites is a waste of council’s time. I’d prefer to spend council’s time on moving Calgary forward and ensuring we have a bright future.

Public Art

We can do better with our public art program by ensuring we use more local artists who understand the local culture they are celebrating. We can also ensure that costs are transparently reported, so the public can see how funds are used in each project. Many in the community have asked for direct democracy, or some form of public input into the selection process in addition to the Public Art Board’s input. This is an excellent proving ground for direct democratic tools, and would be a great way of selecting public art pieces.


We don’t have enough information yet. For example, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has yet to finalize its own selection criteria. I’d also like to see the IOC cleared of corruption prior to lending our support as a city through a bid. I will ensure that Calgary stands to benefit from making the bid and holding the Olympics, before making a decision.

This must be considered in light of other "big projects" that we could band together to achieve, get excited about, and get behind as a city. On balance, it seems that the Olympic bid is a distraction for Calgary right now.


Fans have not been treated well in this process: for the Flames organization to threaten to leave the city because they aren't getting their way is heavy-handed. I love the team, and want to see them stay here, but before I'm willing to spend public funds on a new stadium, I'd have to be certain it would be in the best interests of the public. That's what public funds are for.

I'll work with my colleagues on council to ensure we allocate public funds in the best interest of the the city, and the Ward. It is sensible to withhold public funds for this project until a defined return and benefit for the city and public can be agreed upon.

Your Tax Dollars

I am absolutely committed to spending wisely, on the things that matter most, the things that will make the biggest positive difference for Calgary. We'll learn what those things are by doing a lot of meaningful public consultation. I will direct our budget to the highest priority areas first, ensuring Calgary and Ward 1 benefit from the decisions made. This is achieved by sourcing locally, and budgeting wisely.

Representing Multiple Views and Values

There are many challenges when making direction and budget decisions that affect our entire Ward and City at large. I would suggest they stem from the need to respect and balance the diverse values of ~90 000 residents in the ward, and ~1.2 million in the city. We do not all think the same way, and we need to balance our interests and respect each other while doing so. I am committed to finding the best path forward for Ward 1 and Calgary in every instance.

Good (best practice) public engagement allows us to hear a broad spectrum of community views, which will often be more moderate than vocal special interests. When we consider a broad view, we can arrive at opinion and decision making that is more moderate and truly embraces common sense.

Human Rights

We must all stand united in condemning human rights abuses globally, and our leaders must demonstrate this especially. You have my commitment that as Ward 1 Councillor I will be a voice for Ward 1 residents, good governance, and humanitarian issues within our city and beyond it.

Midfield Park

Midfield residents are experiencing an awful thing. The City is often too callous and arrogant toward ordinary residents' concerns, and Midfield Park is simply a clear example of what is affecting many others. Ward 1 residents have shared their experiences with me of how their concerns have been dismissed and ignored.

I think this must stop, and one of the primary pillars on which I'm running opposes this treatment. I have a background in effective citizen engagement, which shows respect for people and their concerns. Good engagement not only listens, but also responds to the community. This brings the population into the decision-making process, and is much more democratic. It balances power by including citizens. I believe nothing short of that can address this systemic problem.

Few people are more conscientious, thoughtful, and charismatic. The city would be so fortunate to have you on council. Good luck Coral!

Sidney Kwakkel
Systems Manager at Associated Environmental Consultants Inc.

Coral you are an amazing woman. I am proud and excited for you. Good luck!!!

Shannon Lenstra
President at Kon-strux Developments Inc.

My responses in Metro Calgary's “Politics in the Park” Feature

What role does the City of Calgary play in economic development and job creation?

How will you balance taxes with city services?

Where do you stand on the issue of a new arena for Calgary?

What is the biggest issue in your ward and what will you do about it?

My responses at the Engineers Without Borders All-Candidates Social Change Forum (Sept 19)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Are they relevant to Calgarians?

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Should Calgary be Canada's next designated Fair Trade Town?

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How would you reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of Calgary and ensure that Calgarians can participate in the clean energy transition?

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Sustainable urban development - Should developers be required to pay for more infrastructure costs?

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My responses to Poverty Talks YYC about the Enough for All - Poverty Reduction Strategy Survey

What do you know about "Enough for All", Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Strategy? If elected, how would you support it?

I am proud of the Calgary community for coming together to produce “Enough for All”. The forethought, care, and civic engagement demonstrated are commendable. I am familiar with the strategy, and support it. In particular, I support and appreciate the specific tactics and measurable outcomes delineated in the strategy. I am a compassionate community advocate, and intend to make intelligent, reasoned decisions for Calgary, for Ward 1, and for the whole community.

What can the city do to ensure all Calgarians have an affordable, accessible, safe home to live in?

I support a housing first strategy. This strategy has demonstrated success, including in Alberta, in Medicine Hat.

Would you support low income housing in your ward? This includes mixed model, social, affordable, subsidized etc.

My work experience in urban planning, and civic engagement, both allow me to make reasoned, informed, community-aware decisions about low incoming housing.

There are certainly areas in Ward 1 which are appropriate for low-income housing, and where I support low income housing. These include areas that are close to public transit, such as in Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Low income housing close to transit can also help alleviate transportation costs, thereby providing additional support.

Would you support the City of Calgary in a move to provide a living wage to their employees and contractors?

My understanding is that the City of Calgary currently pays all of its regular employees more than living wage. This is documented in FCS2009-14, a Community Services Report to The SPC on Finance and Corporate Services, from March 11, 2009. I support this practice.

If elected, what could the city do to improve food security?

The city has made strides in food security with initiatives like Grow Calgary, and composting. These can be improved with increased support for community gardens, which provide skill building, community building, and food growing opportunities. Increased support in this arena is most important in the form of reduced red tape.

In addition, poverty reduction, access to services, and improved economic opportunity, also expand individuals' means to secure their food supply. I have a plan, and the necessary background and experience, to expand economic opportunity and conduct meaningful consultation with all stakeholders: I intend to support poverty reduction and food security initiatives. Our focus on economic diversification, and support for local business and new industry are part of this, as that is what will allow Calgary to continue to thrive in the future. I intend to continue to inform my support of these through consultation with experts and community members with lived experience.

How can the City of Calgary incorporate knowledge of lived experience (of poverty) in decision making?

Through effective engagement of the public, including, in this case, those who have lived experience. As councillor, I will implement and use effective public engagement, actively engaging with and listening to all community members.

This will involve identifying stakeholders from the community, including those with lived experience, and inviting them into ongoing dialogue. Dialogue will be conducted via numerous mediums, including in-person, and online; and in a number of formats, such as survey, focus group, etc. A variety of opportunities to engage, as well as a variety of stakeholders, ensure we have a broad representation of community voices. This better reflects the experience, knowledge, and needs of the broader community.

Having studied and conducted public engagement, I have the necessary qualifications to ensure meaningful consultation with the public.

My responses to Calgary Public Library's Candidate Questionnaire

In your view, how does Calgary Public Library strengthen your ward?

It makes each of us as individuals, and our communities, smarter and richer. Calgary Public Library provides a public gathering space, programs, and more potential learning than could be consumed by any one person in a lifetime. Each of these functions is a critical addition to the community.

Places to gather provide residents with places to meet, strengthen relationships, and dream up the projects and activities that build community. Programs allow us to learn from one another, and practice self-improvement in constructive and guided settings. Finally, reading, both fiction and non-fiction, allow us to expand our minds and knowledge. This can produce increased confidence, ability, understanding, empathy, and can drive us onward in more ways than could be counted.

Tell us about an experience you’ve had at Calgary Public Library that made a positive difference to you.

I've had too many positive experiences to count. The comforting atmosphere of the library, either for a visit, or for a great place to work, is one of the highest on my list of (repeated) positive experiences. But, the countless things I’ve learned have enriched my mind and thinking, and would have to top my list.

What is your favourite program or resource at Calgary Public Library?

My favourite resources are the classics — the fiction and non-fiction books. I'd read them all if I could. For the community's sake, I'm also a big fan of computer and internet availability, and computer literacy support. Our access to the world, to knowledge, and to employment, increasingly relies on our being able to navigate the computer and internet world. Providing this service is a great support and benefit to the community.

What are you reading now? What's one book you would recommend others read, and why?

"What on Earth Happened?" This book is a chronological history of the Earth, including both natural and human history, of all cultures. It's an amazing, comprehensive work. I especially appreciate how it can put our world into perspective. For example, taking a broad view of history helps us understand current events and politics, and their potential long-term impact. While appreciating the scale of the natural history that precedes us helps to frame our current problems.

What musical instrument would you be most likely to borrow from our musical instrument lending library, and why? (We have banjos, drums, guitars, keyboards, ukuleles, violas, violins, and xylophones.)

Banjo. Most fun.

I believe that Coral will be a real asset in City Hall. Not only is she very well qualified, I believe she will represent all Calgarians, not only those in Ward 1, with a thoughtful, cooperative and informed view of the business of governing the city.

That’s why I have volunteered to help with her campaign.

Richard (Dick) Willott
Campaign Volunteer

I am impressed by Coral's commitment to improving transparency and accountability from City council. I know that by voting for Coral we are electing a voice that will represent our ward constituents.

Andrew Lunse
Campaign Volunteer

I was excited to volunteer for Coral's campaign because it became very apparent that she wanted to address similar community issues as I had. These issues are:

  1. Better use of community/city taxes for more advantageous services to the community
  2. Have more open council meetings - no more in-camera sessions
  3. Address council's spending on city art and exhibits (lack of proper community involvement)
  4. Concern and wanting to address the rising crime rate in our community

Robert Smith
Campaign Volunteer